Shake Weight Dumbbell Review

The shake weight dumbbell is not just an ordinary dumbbell, this dumbbell actually shakes!

shake weight dumbbell

Shake Weight Dumbbell Features

The shake weight dumbbell has two built in springs connecting two weights on both ends of the handle, this mechanism enables the shaking of the weights when you hold and move it, thus creating pulsating reactions to your hand, arm and body.

Dynamic inertia of the shaking dumbbell drives reactions from muscles of your hands, arms and entire upper body, including those muscles not used in normal dumbbell exercises. Doing this provides better shaping and toning for your body.

Smooth and ergonomically fitting handles are comfortable to hold on to.  Design of the dumbbell is also innovative with shining colors. There are a good variety of color schemes to choose from, chromed shining weights on light blue, pink, green, milky white.., or  transparent handles.

Shake Weight Pro Womens with Digital Timer and DVD Workout Brand New        shake weight dumbbell    shake weight dumbbell    shake weight dumbbell


>   This dumbbell does work!  6 mins exercise per day brings real, prompt and visible results. It is surprisingly effective to many users.

>   Free DVD included in the purchase, you can follow and learn the exercises with the DVD. You won’t need to follow the video all the time because the moves are easy to remember, you just need to get used to it at first.

>  The design and varied colors are clean and beautiful, which is good for the ladies.

>  Portable, easy to carry in the luggage case while you are travelling. You can bring the dumbbell with you even when you are not at home.

> Exercise with the shake weight dumbbell requires only one single piece, instead of a pair of dumbbells.

>  It is super cheap at just about 10 dollars, very good value.


Some people may get ‘over-burnt’ in those muscles seldom used in normal daily life and other exercises, but easily ‘ignited’ in the shake weight dumbbell exercise. Some of the moves in the DVD may not be comfortable for you to do at first. Be careful not to over-do the exercise, if you can’t follow up the DVD don’t try too hard. Sometimes exercising too hard could cause injuries.

The shaking nature of the dumbbell may require extra attention, try not to hit yourself and get hurt.

The appearance and shaking may look funny to some people, especially to some guys when they see women using this for exercise, but, this is not exactly a con, is it?


This thing is really cheap! At a mere $11.99, you get a beautiful, innovative, well packed, and shockingly effective shaking dumbbell and a DVD with exercise programs. This is really a good deal, and you can also buy it as a gift for your family or friends.




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